Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been tagged by Lily to tell you seven things you didn't know about me. That should be pretty easy because I haven't been blogging for long so there's not much that you do know.
1. I have two younger sisters.
2. I love baked cheesecake but I prefer not to have to cook it myself.
3. I always keep an eye out for abandoned babies, just in case.
4. I always return home hoping that the postie will have delivered a parcel even though this almost never happens.
5. A wooden wombat that I got for my 21st birthday and a ceramic bunny that belonged to my grandmother sit under the hall table by the front door and have had that position at every place we've lived since we married in August 1999.
6. I could eat potatoes every night of the week. Roast them, bake them, cook them in their jackets, boil them, casserole them... I adore it all!
7. I don't drink much alcohol but I love a good vodka cocktail.

Half way around

I am half way around the border quilting on my sampler quilt and it isn't as rippled as I was anticipating, much to my relief. It feels great to be finishing this project off and I am excited about getting back to J's single bed quilt and starting on G's throw. G's having a hard time deciding how she wants her quilt to look, I think I'll just have to get started and hope that she likes the end result!

Fear of finishing

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am trying hard to blinker myself from the new projects I want to tackle. The allure of uncut fabric and big ideas is much stronger than the wobbly border on my sampler quilt I made in 2004 while I was pregnant with J. I hand cut the border fabric and I really didn't do a good job. When I sewed it on I realised just how much ripple there was but I charged on regardless because I didn't know how to fix it. Soon I had a quilt that just needed quilting in the border and binding but I packed it away and have tried concertedly to avoid it ever since. I've had a few successful projects since then and I am really tired of seeing the sampler every time I pull out some sewing so I am determined to finish it. The outer border needs to be quilted in the ditch and then I doing freehand fans before binding it with a soft green fabric.
For most people making that decision and starting on it is probably the end of it but I seem to have some bizarre affliction where I dread the outcome the entire time I am working on it. It was the same all through school, uni, work, etc. I remember coming home almost in tears from work one day telling Greg that my boss had organised to have coffee with me the following day to 'chat about how things have been going'. I was convinced I was going to be fired but it turned out I'd been doing a great job and they wanted to give me more responsibility. LOL. Can you imagine living like this? Ack!
I firmly believe that practice makes perfect and I am hopeful that practice will also shut off this strange response to uncertainty... in quilting and in life.
I found a very interesting article on fear of failure and fear of finishing. If only agreeing with the author would immediately adjust my emotional response.

Picking a Pattern

Saturday, May 05, 2007

G has picked a couple of fabrics with big patterns on them which scared me a little at first but after a few days consideration I am looking forward to finding a way to integrate them into a quilt without diluting their impact. Snowball blocks are a definite possibility, Lady of the Lake blocks are also wonderful and 4 or 9 patch blocks with a few big flowery uncut squares thrown amongst them could also work well.

I only own 1 quilt book and 1 quilting magazine so I don't have much to go on but I'm sure I've already done enough web searches to crash Google!

I'd love to hear some ideas if you've got any. This will only be my 5th quilt and there are so many things I want to try it will be hard to limit myself to 1 or 2 things! I could always do another sampler...

The stroller quilts are bound and ready for the baby's midwinter arrivals. I am so excited about meeting these little bundles. Newborns are just breathtaking!

Expect the unexpected

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Children are amazing little creatures and even though I spend so much time with them I am often surprised at the things that they say or the choices that they make. Yesterday after picking G up from school we went to the quilt shop and she picked out some fabrics for her quilt. I was expecting bright pinks and purples with a few yellows and browns thrown in but this is what she picked.
Really, I didn't know what to say... The first fabric she selected is the pink, cream, brown and yellow stripe at the bottom of the picture and the other fabrics she selected to go with it. She was all about flowers yesterday, as you can see. So, now we just need to settle on a design and then I can get started. That sounds easier than it actually is, I have no idea what I am going to make apart from knowing that there will be a throw size quilt and a dolls size quilt.
The first stroller quilt is almost bound and the second is ready for binding so they should be done shortly. A few more nights on the couch with a good light and I'll be ready to move on to my new projects!

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