What to do on windy days

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mr Duyvken bought a kite for the kids during the holidays and they spent hours out in the garden watching it roll and struggle against the gusty wind and trying hard to keep it out of the trees and off the neighbour's roof. They found so much joy in it, and C and I enjoyed sitting on the porch watching the 3 of them taking turns holding the string. The weather has calmed quite a lot these past 2 weeks and there hasn't been much kite flying but hopefully a trip to the beach this weekend will change that.

Agatha's quilt is half quilted and I am looking forward to finshing it off soon so that I can get started on another project. I have an idea for adding an initial to G's quilt using Lazy Gal's letters and I am eager to get started. Patience, patience, Amelia....

Naming Babies

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Current favourite names for girls:
and for boys:
4 months down, 5 to go!


Friday, October 19, 2007

I was reminded of a wonderful quote today that is very relevant to me this week, 'the days are long, but the years are short'. Try as I might I can't find it referenced anywhere specifically although there are plenty of vague links to St Augustine or a father reminiscing on the early years of parenting. Perhaps that makes it more of a truism than a quote but whichever category it falls into I am going to try to reflect on it over the weekend and hopefully integrate its message into each day.

Christmas Projects

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I couldn't resist the Christmas Story pattern book when I was at the quilting store on Sunday, the advent calendar wallhanging pictured on the cover is just delightful and will be a great way to use my beautiful Alexander Henry fabric, Merry Modernica, that I bought last year and didn't get around to using. I've been gathering a few fabrics to go with it through the year as I pack away finished projects and I just need a pink, a blue and I'm there. There is a lovely Christmas quilt in this book as well which, although totally impractical for a summer Christmas does look tempting. Perhaps I will work on that through 2008 and have it grace our new house next year. It will be purely decorative, of course, unless global warming leads us straight into an ice age!

Getting ready for Christmas

I went out on my own on Sunday and bought the backing and binding fabrics for Agatha's quilt. I have started the quilting and hope to have it finished before the end of the month. I am just quilting in the ditch to help reinforce all the seams and I will probably do some freehand fans in the border. It feels wonderful to have a sewing project out again.
The house sold yesterday so we are able to get back to a regular life uninterrupted by open houses and building and pest inspections. We can't believe the price they got for the house, it is no surprise that we couldn't buy into the suburb we're in now. Luckily we were able to find something just a few kms away and G will be able to stay at the same school. We move on the 17th of Nov and have a lot to do between now and then, wish us luck!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is one of the mobile's that I make. It's just polar fleece, embroidery floss, ribbon and new guinea rosewood and this one hangs over C's cot.

Sharing rooms

Hop Skip & Jump posted about decorating a room for a boy and a girl to share where there is a 4 year age gap between them and I just had to jump in. We have a 4 year age gap between G and J and they have shared a room since J was 2mths old and we moved him out of the bassinet in our room and into the cot. Sharing has worked beautifully for us, and we now have all 3 children sharing a room. G and J are in a bunk bed and C is in the cot.

The biggest challenge with the arrangement is simply storage. We don't have enough space in the wardrobe for their clothes and shoes so we've had to get a little creative. Grace's clothes are stored in a freestanding wire drawer unit in the wardrobe and each child has a plastic tub for their shoes that slides under the bed. We also go through the clothes a couple of times a year and pack away or donate the clothes that no longer fit them so that the drawers are only used for things they can wear now.
Most of the toys live elsewhere in the house so the bedroom is really just a room for sleeping. It means that when one child is napping the other children aren't tempted to wander in and disturb them. The kids don't wake one another if one cries out during the night although they do all tend to get up together at around 7 - 7:30 in the morning.

The house we bought and are moving to in Nov has 3 bedrooms and we plan on having 2 children in each room until we get around to doing a renovation where we will move the kitchen, create a 4th bedroom and build a garage.
My skills as a photographer leave a lot to be desired but I've included some pics of the kid's room. We are renting so the house is 'rental cream' like all the other places we've leased but I'd love to paint the skirtings and doors white and put some colour on the walls. I can't wait to do some decorating when we move into our own place! Here's the spot for changing nappies on the end of J's bed as there isn't space in the room for a change table.

The heat

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The temperature is climbing slowly and steadily to the forecast max of 34 and the kids and I are doing all we can to stay well out of it. The car isn't air-conditioned so we're trying not to go out but a trip later will be inevitable as the house we are renting is on the market and it will be open for inspection at 2. Keeping someone else's house ready for open for inspections is a rather thankless task but I am enough of a neat freak that I just can't bring myself to not make an effort. Hopefully the good karma will keep flowing my way!
We have found a new place to live and will be moving in sometime in mid-Nov which isn't that far away when you think about it. I am not looking forward to packing everything up and moving again but knowing that we'll be able to stay in our new digs for a long time is making a difference. In the 8yrs we've been married we've moved 8 times and frankly, we're over it.
On the upside I am 12wks pregnant and the morning sickness has lifted! This is an odd sensation for me because I haven't had it lift so early before but I am enjoying it and the extra energy that it's affording me.
I still haven't made any quilting progress as my sewing machine has been packed away until this house is auctioned later this month. Then, things can fall back into their regular rhythm and the sewing can recommence. Luckily the cold weather hasn't hit Boston so little Agatha wouldn't be using her quilt yet even if I had finished it.
I've been getting back up to date with some of my favourite blogs in the past few days and thought I would share a few links.
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