Thursday, September 25, 2008

The kids have marked the first day of holidays by playing schools. G has written lunch orders on brown paper bags, packed backpacks, driven them all to school in a car they made by draping a blanket over the dining chairs, led art time and is now reading Puff the Magic Dragon. It was all going beautifully for an hour and a half but the wheels are starting to come off now. C needs a nap and J is getting tired of following directions when he has his own clear ideas about how he wants things to happen.

My front porch

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weathered hardware, the geranium that steadfastly refuses to flower, the bird with the broken tail and the beautiful ears on the dog we bought in Mogo.

Birthday Ideas

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

J loves yellow, we're always looking out for yellow cars when we're driving, yellow leaves when we're out walking and yellow bugs when we're in the garden. His delight is so infectious that we have all adopted an affection for yellow things, and point them out to one another even when he isn't around. Hopefully, I don't do it when I am on my own but I can't guarantee it :-)
I've decided to include as much yellow as I can in his birthday celebrations and have been taking photos of him with yellow things for the past few months to use in a collage for the invitation. I picked up some yellow paper cups last week and have a decent stash of yellow sprinkles in the pantry. Yarnstorm posted some photos today of a birthday cake she made for her husband and I think I'll do the same thing for Jem, you'll have to click on the hyperlink to see the cake because I haven't asked for permission to use the pic. It's sweet, simple and perfect for a boy who loves yellow and counting.
Now, I just hope he doesn't have a change of heart about yellow between now and December.

Things I Love

Monday, September 08, 2008

JW is so intoxicating in motion that these photos I took a few weeks ago took my breath away when I downloaded them to the computer. I have been too busy watching her wriggle and roll, coo and squeal, smile and squint and I have missed some of the wonder that has been right in front of me. I love watching her when she is sleeping but, being the 4th child, she doesn't get as much sleeping adoration as I have bestowed on the others.
I could watch a sleeping baby for hours. Partly because the wonder of life laid out before me is enthralling, partly because I think they can feel the gentle, protective, loving energy of their mother watching over them but largely because I believe they can hear what I am saying to them when I whisper that they are amazing, wondrous, creatures, full of possibility and yet perfect just as they are.
I oohed and aahed over every inch of G 8 years ago and I got a reminder of just how incredible life and growth are looking at these.
There's always time to stop to smell the roses.

Food and Fashion

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

G and I ate beijing style braised eggplant when we were in Melbourne at the Quandjude restaurant. We were so early we were the only people in the restaurant and had a team of 4 or 5 people looking after us which Grace adored. I love eggplant and this was the most delicious chinese dish I'd ever eaten. I have been experimenting with it for the past few weeks and it tasted just right tonight. This is the recipe I used, if you like eggplant I can recommend trying it out!
So, tonight, I ate way too much eggplant while admiring the beautiful dress the SYTYCD girl was wearing all the while knowing that the only way I'd look like that in it was if I spent less time eating eggplant and more time doing crunches.

Happy Birthday

Monday, September 01, 2008

G turned 8 on Saturday and had 8 friends over to celebrate. It was the easiest party we've ever had. The girls all played together in the yard only breaking from their games to eat and to sing happy birthday. She's a very special girl and it was lovely to see the bunch of friends she has found at school, they are all like various parts of her personality, some quirky, some quiet, some bookish, some sporty, but I don't think any are quite as eccentric as she is. I know all parents think this of their children but she's definitely one of a kind!
We didn't need any organised games this year, although I did have a couple up my sleeve just in case, but they loved icing and decorating their own cupcakes. I think they would have iced dozens more if I had had them!
One of her friends (my goddaughter) stayed after the party and I took the two of them and J to McDonald's before we dropped her home. McDonald's isn't really my thing but now that they've started putting McCafe's in everywhere I can actually get a nice cup of coffee to occupy me while I try not to think about the fats and processed who-knows-what that the kids are ingesting. I can't stand the smell of McDonald's restaurants when I am pregnant and having spent so long pregnant I now associate that distinctive smell of fried chips, burger buns and floor cleaner with queasiness. It's a hard association to break!

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